Passive Real Estate Investments

We invest in prime net-leased commercial real estate throughout the Midwest, providing our investors with compelling returns optimized for predictable monthly cashflow.

Why Net-Leased Real Estate?


Net-leased real estate has proven to be a stable asset with competitive yield and consistent cashflow.

Strong Cash Yield

Our properties provide investors with strong & growing monthly cashflow from day one. The remaining return is paid upon sale of the property within 4-6 years.

Healthy Risk Profile

We buy properties with existing long-term tenants with in-place cashflow. Our tenants have long-term, guaranteed leases that contribute to the conservative risk profile.

Low Maintenance

Our properties feature leases with a “Triple Net” lease structure in which the tenant is responsible for paying for taxes, insurance, and all ongoing property maintenance.

Tax Advantanged

Typically, most cashflow received by investors can be offset by accrued property depreciation, further raising the investor yield.

Preferred Returns

We offer investors preferred returns so that they always get paid a guaranteed minimum rate of return.

Rent Growth

Our tenant leases feature annual rent increases throughout the lease term, combating inflation and creating predictable and increasing cash yield while the property is held.

About Coastland Partners

Coastland Partners was founded by James Kappen in 2021 to offer alternative real estate investments for new and seasoned investors alike.  Our aim is to communicate the benefits and challenges of net-leased real estate investing and to provide phenomenal investment opportunities to our investors. We look forward to hearing from you.